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A decision was taken at CPO-8 to entrust the holding of the next conference to the organizers of the Skalsky Dvur seminar (14th Seminar on Recent Trends in Charged Particle Optics and Surface Physics Instrumentation). In fact, both events are to take place in the same year (2014), and there are plenty of similarities in their traditional programs dedicated to issues connected with charged particles. Moreover, in 2014 the International Microscopy Congress is also to be held in the Czech Republic, with its venue being Prague, just 200 km from Brno. In order to facilitate participation in both events for people coming from long distances, the meetings are scheduled to be held in subsequent weeks.

The CPO tradition is longer in terms of years, though it has not been held as many times, and if its central idea is to be formulated, then it is perhaps best to remember the words of its principal initiator Hermann Wollnik: „The CPO conference series was started in 1980. Its main purpose was to advance understanding of the motion of charged particles in electromagnetic fields, wherein an extremely important issue has always been to bring scientists who work in the fields of mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and accelerator design together. There have been important advances in all these fields and at least a proportion of these advances have been triggered by the CPO conferences.“

The Seminar on Recent Trends arose from annual internal seminars of the Institute of Scientific Instruments in Brno. These had been organized on the occasion of regular visits to the Institute by Tom Mulvey long before the fall of the Iron Curtain. In the summer of 1989, anticipating what was to happen in the autumn, the seminar already had five foreign participants and had been given its name. On the occasion of the third seminar, the event was moved to the secluded Skalsky Dvur Hotel in the Highlands, were it remained until 2012, taking place at two-year intervals. The number of participants has fluctuated at around 50 and, as a rule, professors have been encouraged to take their students with them. The central idea was to discuss not merely past successes but also future plans, and to hold as many discussions as possible. The location of the hotel, distant from permanent human settlements, facilitates this, keeping participants together day and night.

When combining CPO and Recent Trends we have included in their program key topics common to both alongside those specific for just one of the events. We believe in attracting not merely the traditional communities of the joint meetings, but also a large number of young researchers seeking a deeper insight in the instrumentation and methods they are beginning to employ in material and biomedical sciences and even in industrial practice.

Welcome to Brno – welcome to supreme event in the branch of charged particle optics.

Luděk Frank